‘Psychology of Learning’ Offers Winning Strategies for Studying – Study Breaks

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You may encounter many hardships in your academic journeys, especially if you’re approaching a new field of study. Due to the unfamiliarity of the subject, it is reasonable to feel discouraged at the beginning. Frustration might grow if you don’t master the most efficient way to digest the initial learning obstacles, and you could even become overwhelmed. Subsequently, some people may form a negative impression about themselves and might feel that they aren’t smart enough for this intellectual matter. As thoughts like this accumulate, it’s possible to gradually lose confidence in your learning capability.

Though it seems to be more obscure because of its relative intangibility, learning is similar to driving — if you find the right way to drive, you will ultimately reach your destination. To maximize your learning efficiency, it is important to understand the biological and psychological principles underlying this critical behavior that is intimately related to human evolvement.

The online course “Psychology of Learning,” available on Coursera, reveals the deepest secret of human behavior in acquiring knowledge, and it teaches people the best ways to approach a complex intellectual subject. I thought it was incredibly helpful and a worthwhile lesson for everyone. The following is what I found particularly beneficial for college students.

Taking Necessary Breaks Is Just as Important as Studying

“Psychology of Learning” leads people to recognize the misconception that people often have about the study process