Fields: A little reverse psychology to spur savvy shopping –

Fields, Sean

Ever since I started with this feature, I have always felt like Savvy Shopping is an idea that can help anyone. However, regardless of how irrefutable the reasoning may be, persuasion has to play a large role in whether someone will come to see things your way. And among the persuasive techniques of Ethos (authority), Pathos (emotion), Kairos (call to action), and Logos (reason), I have frequently used them all.

However, one method I don’t try very often is reverse psychology. That’s the one where you get someone to do the opposite of what you suggest. Since there are definitely people who only have a taste for forbidden fruit, it stands to reason that disapproval could serve as an enticement.

So for those holdouts who haven’t tried savvy shopping, here are a few things you must avoid:

• Store ad: Completely bypass store ads and go directly inside the store. Even though great prices can be found by just looking at the first page, try wandering aimlessly around the store instead. You can occasionally stumble on a deal! What could be easier?

• Loyalty programs: By loyalty programs, I am talking about offerings like CVS Extra Care, Walgreens Cash Rewards, and United Rewards. As they offer bonuses, discounts, and virtually no downside, these options are best avoided. Even when you can use a phone number in lieu of a membership card, resist the temptation to join!