Chronic Indecisiveness: Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Psychology Today

 Jon Tysun/Unsplash

Source: Jon Tysun/Unsplash

Chronic indecisiveness is the habit
of avoiding a decision—sometimes agonized and anxious, sometimes unconscious. It can happen regularly with small meaningless choices (Which movie should I watch? What brand of cereal should I buy?) as well as with consequential choice points (Should I marry this person? Buy this house?).

Procrastinators and perfectionists and people with OCD often deal with chronic indecisiveness. Here is what it can look like:

Carol had constant trouble making up her mind. When her oven broke, she couldn’t decide which type to get. Although she spent hours looking for the ‘right’ gifts, she almost never bought anything. She was chronically late to appointments because she was never sure what outfit to wear. She wanted to move to another apartment, but never seemed to find the right one. She mused over all her missed opportunities but was unable to break that cycle.

People with chronic indecisiveness may focus on the doubts when feeling uncertain of the right decision to make. Or they may just get stuck, procrastinate, forget or avoid because the consequences of any decision could take them down the wrong path, end in dire results, or produce regrets.

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