Bergen County teen builds global website to promote sports psychology techniques –

Brandon Shintani designed the site. He wants young athletes to view it with an open mind, and together they can elevate their sports performance.

Sports psychology has become a huge part of athletic training in the last decade. Professional athletes retain “mind health” coaches to help them handle any tense situation and excel. The best known of these trainers might be Graham Betchart, who has worked with NBA stars Aaron Gordon and Ben Simmons, among others.

Shintani, a 16-year old aspiring sophomore basketball player from Ridgewood, took a psychology class and was intrigued by the concept of sports psychology. He began hours of research into the subject, listening to TED talks, reading blogs and an idea began to take hold.

Shintani wanted to connect current college and high school athletes with younger ones to give them insights on the best ways to refine their mental abilities in sports and do