The Boomerang Effect: The Psychology Behind the Tech | Legaltech News –

Mental Health Psychology Credit: Tadamichi/Adobe Stock

If you’re starting to wonder whether we will ever see a full shift away from Microsoft Office 365 within legal, then perhaps it’s time to delve into the psychology behind the behavior and the messages that are, directly or indirectly, being pushed out to law firms and legal teams.

Despite a constant flow of new tech products, MS Word, for example, remains the industry standard for creating, editing and red-lining documents. Even those who have migrated to other applications, such as Google Docs, or Apple Pages, will inevitably still need to find a way to translate their documents into MS Word format. Law students and graduates are included in this dynamic. On an anecdotal level at least, law students tend to gravitate towards Google Docs, but will need to set this aside once they move into practice.