The Importance of Validation – Psychology Today

This post was co-authored by Anne-Maartje Oud and Joe Navarro

A few weeks ago, during an online session with a client, we were interrupted by his son entering his living room holding up a drawing. “Look dad, look what I’ve made.” Slightly irritated, my client responded: “Go away… Daddy is in a meeting.” “Leave daddy alone, I’m busy!” the father barked when the child persisted. The child’s shoulders slumped, his chin came down and then the tears started. The crying interrupted proceeding any further and it was unfortunate because, all the child needed was to be acknowledged if only for a moment and while it was a business meeting – most children that age can’t discern they are interrupting a virtual event so why not be more understanding? If he had taken a moment to pay attention to his child and the drawing, things would have turned out differently and I certainly would not have minded.

We say that a moment of timely validation, builds a mountain of happiness. But it is not just at home. A lot of managers forget to truly connect with their team through the power of validation. This has always been a point of concern and online and remote working has only made this even more important. Perhaps more than ever whether working from home, at the office, or in a hybrid environment, validation is key to creating positive