TikTok has discovered a new ‘psychology eye’ trick to make anyone fall in love with you – The Tab

Hot girl summer here I come!!

The eyes are the windows to the soul – but now TikTok has discovered a new “psychology love eye trick” that supposedly will make anyone fall in love with you. It’s just in time for hot girl summer, so honestly what more could you want?

TikTok user Sophie Rose Lloyd explains the trick, saying it needs to be done on someone you already like and have things in common with – it may not work on strangers. But she says it’s a good way of making someone you fancy really know how you feel.

Make sure you’re in a one-on-one conversation with the person, not a group setting – you want to be sure they’ll be looking at you the whole time you do it.

Here’s how you actually do the psychology love eye trick that’s all over TikTok:

It’s very easy, and just requires three simple steps.

1. Look in their left eye for one second

2. Look at their lips for two seconds

3. Look in their right eye for one second

Make sure you do them whilst the other person is speaking to you, not the other way around – you want them to be looking at your eyes, not at your mouth.

Sophie Rose says: “I can guarantee that if done with the right person at the right time, they will literally be like ‘what!’” She says she’s used it, with success, on several people.

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