MMC Psychology Faculty Present at Body Positivity Lecture Series – Marymount Manhattan College News

  • Associate Professors of Psychology Nava Silton, Ph.D. (left) and Sarah Weinberger-Litman, Ph.D. (right)

On July 13, 2021, Associate Professors of Psychology Nava Silton, Ph.D., and Sarah L. Weinberger-Litman, Ph.D., participated as speakers in the β€œPost-Pandemic Life: Learning Lessons from Covid about Community” lecture series hosted by I Was Supposed To Have A Baby (IWSTHAB), a nonprofit organization that supports Jewish individuals and families struggling to have a baby.

As the second part of the lecture series, Dr. Silton and Dr. Weinberger-Litman were two of four speakers that discussed specific issues surrounding mental health, physical health, disabilities, and the challenges that individuals with chronic conditions may collectively face while reentering post-COVID society.

β€œThe pandemic has been a particularly challenging time for individuals with disabilities,” says Dr. Silton, whose Ethical Issues Concerning the Developing Child course and NYC Seminar both include substantial