EHS alum has her third psychology article published – The Edwardsville Intelligencer

After almost a year of research, Edwardsville resident Erin Delmore saw her third academic article in psychology published on July 1 in The Journal of Social Psychology.

Delmore, a 2017 graduate of Edwardsville High School, had been working with McKendree University psychology professor Guy Boysen and two other students on researching the gender stereotype in psychology — which has been found to name psychology as a women’s field.

“If you walk into a psychology classroom, one of the first things you notice is it’s not gender-equal in terms of who is sitting in the seats. Roughly speaking, according to American Psychological Association data, about 70 to 80 percent of people studying psychology are women,” Boysen said.

As part of a requirement for the biopsychology program Delmore was enrolled in, she had to participate in laboratory research to graduate — but it was Boysen who sought out Delmore to be in his research lab.

“I was in his abnormal psychology class,” Delmore said. “I stayed after class to ask him some questions I had and he asked me if I was interested in research at all. I didn’t really know much