There’s a psychology to color, the experts say – Hudson Valley One

My first apartment in the Rondout neighborhood in Kingston was in one of those great old historic buildings with a lot of character and a lot of quirks. If I stood in the highest corner of our apartment and my boyfriend stood in the lowest, we’d both seem the same height. I’m 5’2” and he is 5’9”. Beautiful old windows overlooked the water and let in lots of light. It was bright and sunny with white walls and a tan carpet. For us, it seemed a giant blank canvas. We decided it needed to be painted. 

We picked bright colors and dabbled with different designs. In the end, we thought it looked quite bohemian. 

During our first venture into the world of paints we took missteps and changed our minds quite a few times. For example, we painted our bedroom red. I love red. To this day if I wear a color other than black, it is most likely red. I own a bright red Volvo. If I wear lipstick I always choose red. It feels so vibrant and warm. 


We discovered, however, that red in a bedroom was not restful. We thought it made us feel tense and a bit angry. So we repainted the room a light green. We felt that we slept much better. 

Painting was fun and affordable. We