Should You Become a Psychology Major? | SNHU – Southern New Hampshire University

A woman speaks to another woman to help her decide if she should become a psychology major

Majoring in psychology can not only be personally rewarding, but it can prepare you for a variety of careers. Beyond the human services field, a psychology major often leads to jobs in business, education, government and roles that require a deep understanding of people and how they interact with one another.

Students often choose to major in psychology because they want to help others. However, it’s important not to narrowly define what that means, according to Dr. Barbara Lesniak, senior associate dean of social sciences at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).

Dr. Barbara Lesniak with the text Dr. Barbara Lesniak

“Students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can certainly get non-licensed entry-level positions where they directly help and support others at places like substance abuse clinics, social services agencies, schools and similar organizations,” she said. “However, they can also use their skills at businesses in areas such as human resources or training/development, or in customer-focused positions where they might deal with difficult situations that need to be de-escalated.”

A popular major, psychology is one of the top 10 undergraduate programs in the United States, according to The Princeton Review. Dr. Lesniak refers to the psychology degree as “the utility knife” of degrees because it is useful in most job roles – and whenever you’re in a position that requires you to interact with people.

What Do Psych Majors Learn?