Advice from former students guides Introduction to Psychology pedagogy this fall – Tufts Daily

Professors Lisa Shin and Sam Sommers are once again co-teaching Introduction to Psychology this semester. This year, they have added a twist to their standard lecture on the psychology of student life, integrating advice from former PSY 1 students to apply psychology concepts to the everyday experiences faced by new Tufts students. 

According to Sommers, at the beginning of each semester the class talks about the psychology of studying: exploring the research on whether highlighting when reading is better than outlining or note taking. Sommers said that this year, with many students returning to in-person learning for the first time in 18 months, it felt even more important to apply psychology to help acclimate incoming students to the school.

“[Psychology] is the science of, in many respects, our everyday experiences and everyday navigation of that world around us,” Sommers said. “We are in the midst of not just …  a transition to college for many students, or a return to campus, but many different, unfortunately, overlapping crises that are going on in our society.” 

With this in mind, Shin and Sommers decided to send a Canvas message to their former students from fall 2019, asking them to submit any advice they have for students taking PSY 1 in fall 2021 via an anonymous Qualtrics survey.

Around 40 former students responded to the survey and gave advice on topics ranging from time management and romantic relationships to specific PSY 1 class advice. 

Shin said some of her favorite responses debunked the common myth that