How Psychology Can Save Your Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program – Dark Reading

When boiled down to its core, the objective of any good cybersecurity awareness program is quite simple: to help people make better risk decisions. That sounds great, but achieving it can be quite a different thing.

Awareness Is Not Enough
I am at that stage of my life where family, friends, doctors, and social media influencers are telling me I should watch what I eat and work out regularly. I usually nod, but that’s where it ends. That is the challenge with many awareness programs, in that just making someone aware of an issue is not enough to stimulate a behavioral change.

This is where understanding human psychology, how it works, and how to introduce some of its concepts into cybersecurity awareness training can make a huge difference.

What to Learn From Marketing Psychology
Manufacturers approach products from primarily two angles: They ask people what they want and then create that product; or, most commonly, they create a product and then find a way to convince people it is something they need. That is where marketing comes in — and in that respect, marketing is just as valuable as innovation in manufacturing.

Showcasing the value of security to employees and explaining why partaking in the awareness program is beneficial is essential to embedding real behavioral change within the organization.

The Experience Matters
When planning your awareness program, consider a car. It is primarily a mode of transportation, but there are limits to how fast it can go.

Where the speed of the